A few words from me (Kacie) and how I integrate self-care into my week:

1. Nature: Spending time in nature is crucial to my routine. Whether it’s a sunset stroll, a refreshing dip into the healing waters of Iao, or a walk through the Makawao forest, I make it a priority to get out into nature and connect with the beautiful energies of Mother Nature.

2. Yoga: My yoga practice is a large part of my self-care in bringing harmony to my body, mind, and spirit. Giving myself permission to slow down and tune in and practice bringing my awareness into the present moment.  My practice is healing, nourishing and it is a great honor to share yoga with the community. It is revitalizing to attend studio classes as well- I am currently loving the Sattva Yoga classes and incorporating more Breathwork into my daily life!

3. Nourishment: Making it upcountry to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings to make sure my fridge is stocked with fresh, local fruits and veggies is one way I practice self-care for my physical body.

4. Bodywork: As a bodyworker and yogini it’s so important that I get regular massage and acupuncture to stay balanced and feeling amazing in my body. Try a hot-stone massage with Lani, a Deep-Tissue Massage with Melanie, or an Acupuncture and Bodywork Session with Alan next time you need some support!

Kacie 808 Wellness Yoga

Join Kacie Engum at one of her yoga classes at 808 Wellness Maui Yoga Studio on Monday @ 9:30 am (Flow & Restore), Tuesday @ 5 pm (Flow & Restore), Thursday @ 9:30 am (Yin Yoga), or book her for an amazing massage experience. Our multi-talented Kacie and Jill of all trades is ALSO our 808 Wellness Office Manager. We are truly grateful to be so blessed with such a talented soul, shining both inside and out! Kacie is your go-to for any question wellness related! Give her a call today at 808.875.4325