Authentic healing occurs when you are ready. Our role as facilitators is to provide guidance during your awakening and restoration process and to assist in anchoring the shifts that occur in our treatment rooms and workshops.

808 Wellness Philosophy

At 808 Wellness, we provide holistic and integrative health care for your body, mind and spirit. We are a community leader in wellness therapies. Our team of dynamic and dedicated therapists work with you to improve, heal and transform your current state of health into one of “Essential Wellness”.

We believe that by seeking our own infinite health as practitioners, we are able to bring to those we serve the wisdom and resources both from our professional training and our personal experiences. By following our own wellness path, we hope to pave the way to guide our clients to do the same.

Our goal is thus to provide nourishment for the souls who seek us out, addressing all levels of one’s being. Our integrative approach focuses on the whole person.  We begin by listening to you and go beyond the symptoms, seeking to find the root cause of the underlying imbalance. Whether you are coping with physical ailments, emotional imbalance or seeking spiritual direction, our Essential Wellness programs and professional services can provide you with direction and relief on your healing journey, cradled in the hands of our nurturing, compassionate and skilled practitioners, and administrative support team.