60 mins $128 |  90 mins $178

This holistic healing experience brings balance to all levels of one’s being! In day to day life, challenges arise that can energetically weigh us down and create an unbalanced state of energy that makes us feel “off.” This may manifest as anxiety, emotional instability, low self-esteem, anger, jealousy, an inability to speak your truth, or trouble trusting your inner voice. Our signature energy treatment is designed to cater to the individual needs of each client. Combining crystal therapy, Reiki healing, and Shanti Kai Hawaiian Essences, our intuitive healers identify what crystal and chakra sprays will help bring balance and grounding to harmonize each chakra, or energetic center of the body. Reiki clears energetic blocks and brings in healing light to create long-lasting benefits.


 Initial 2 Hrs $258 | Return 60 mins $128 |  90 mins $188 | 2 Hrs $228

Medicine Wheel Healing Journey: 4 Sessions $825 (2 Hrs each)

Remote Sessions Available (Zoom or Phone)

Since 2008, Shamanic Practitioner & 808 Wellness Co-Owner Sara Schroepfer has offered healing from the Peruvian tradition as learned during her apprenticeship, training, and certification with Alberto Villoldo and The Four Winds. By using the Medicine Wheel teachings to heal the Luminous Energy Field (LEF), where negative imprints, trauma, and blocked energy are stored, you can experience and step into a place of power instead of sourcing from a place of wounding.

A fusion of Shamanic Coaching and Energy Medicine, this is an intensive healing session designed to reduce suffering, create inner peace, acceptance, and illuminate one’s essence by shedding layers of your story. Energy Medicine is not about re-living the past but instead clears the energetic imprints created from past trauma. It incorporates holistic methods such as communing with nature, meditation, aromatherapy, and shamanic techniques to aid in connecting body and mind with the soul and spirit. Live in harmony with one’s Self and the Universe.  Step into your Power today!

Two-hour initial sessions are recommended. The healing session flow is:

Consultation:  Four levels of engagement (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) are used to track where the energy is being held in your “story.” Blind spots are found and “symptoms” slip away as we dive into the core of your issue or area of focus.

Energy Healing: With our intention for the session  set, you lay down and experience a blend of sound therapy and energy medicine, incorporating essential oils and other tools to clear imprints from your LEF.

Integration: We complete our time by sharing our experience and assign “home play” customized to your session to help anchor the energetic shifts that took place once you arrive home.

Reservations: We recommend booking in advance as treatment times are limited.


60 mins $118 |  90 mins $168

Remote Sessions Available (Zoom or Phone)

Reiki is universal life force energy used as a subtle and effective healing modality. Reiki hands channel energy into your body through the seven main energy centers, or chakras, allowing healing to unfold within your mind, body, and spirit. It is deeply relaxing and recharging at the same time. Series of treatments are recommended to quicken healing. Please wear loose comfortable clothing during your session. Reiki Levels 1,2, and Reiki Master training available.


60 mins $128 |  90 mins $188

Remote Sessions Available (Zoom or Phone)

Shamanic Reiki Healing combines the toolsets of the Reiki practitioner with the energy techniques of a Shamanic Healer. This treatment weaves together these approaches to create a beautiful, relaxing session for the receiver. Intentions are set to release on all levels of being: the physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual. The healer places their hands on areas of the body that are affected to channel healing energy to clear blocks, awaken consciousness, correct imbalance, bring in the luminous light, and increase happiness and vitality in one’s life.


60 mins $128 | 90 mins $188

Remote Sessions Available (Skype or Phone)

Dive deep into dialogue with owner Sara Schroepfer to uncover old patterns and ways of being that no longer serve you. Find blind spots, heal old wounds, and re-align all parts of your self with your soul’s purpose and place in the world. This is not psychotherapy, but rather a guided meditation experience that brings you back into balance. Included in Luminous Healing. 


Space Clearing Available for Home or Office in South Maui

2 Hrs $258 | Additional Hour $128 | Travel Fee $20

2-Hour Minimum Required

Space clearing of one’s home or office helps to harmonize and balance the flow of energy from stagnant or negative to positive and free flowing. It clears deep layers of energy that accumulate from major life events or transitions that cause stress or anxiety. It is beneficial to clear the space so that the energy does not linger and cause further negative consequences. Learn feng shui tips for your personal space that will help increase the flow of positive energy in your space! Space clearing is recommended when: you move into a new space, there has been a death or tragedy in your home, there has been a time of  transition, such as someone moving in or out, or after a fight or stressful event in your home.