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60 mins $105

Aromatherapist Sara Schroepfer will guide you on what essential oils are best for your well-being. Receive a personalized consultation and remedy (custom blend, mister, massage oil, or roller infused with Reiki and gemstones) based on an extensive intake and consult. This in-depth exploration of all four levels of your being – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual – will help you make choices that can positively impact your health and accelerate your healing journey.


Initial | 45 mins $40

Follow-Up | 30 mins $25

Polychromatic light therapy is a unique therapy that harnesses the healing powers of infrared light. Unlike normal blue, red or yellow light, near infrared (also known as IR) light is invisible to the human eye. It emits special wavelengths of light energy that dramatically increase circulation to injury sites and areas of chronic pain. The IR light has been reported to dilate blood vessels at the site of treatment. The result tends to be a more rapid relief of discomfort, improvement in sensation, and regeneration of damaged tissues. Enjoyed in 30 minute segments (20 with the lights applied directly), this service is offered both individually or as an enhancement to a treatment.


60 mins $105

Package of 5 | $475

Unlike counseling that focuses on processing the past and present, life coaching looks towards the future, assisting individuals in the pursuit of their goals and encouraging them to live intentionally. Utilized consistently, coaching can be an invaluable tool that provides accountability, motivation, and momentum that is not only beneficial, but often times necessary to move forward in life, particularly through seasons of change and transition. Life Coach Annie Provencher is passionate about helping individuals recognize, validate, and achieve their desires, while gaining greater vision for their lives and growing in self-awareness and confidence along the way.


60 mins $120

Join medium Betsy Palmer for channeled messages from your loved-ones, spirit guides, and angels on ‘the other side’. Learn a simple grounding and centering technique that ensures only loving beings are able to communicate with you. These compassionate messages can help us on our courageous journey to wholeness. Feel free to bring an item that reminds you of someone you would like to contact.


60 mins $105 |  90 mins $140

Find yourself immersed into a deeper exploration of yourself through meditation based in the Himalayan Yogic Tradition. Your meditation guide may use sound therapy, aromatherapy and other tools to enhance and personalize your experience. Join us individually or with a group.


60 mins $105 |  90 mins $140

Enjoy private instruction and target your personal goals and areas of focus. May be enjoyed individually or with a group. Outcalls available in the South Maui area.