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Joy Love
Joy LovePsychic Medium, Akashic Reader
Joy caters to Lightworkers, Empathic Sensitives, and Starseeds to provide psychic services such as Akashic guidance, connecting them to past loved ones, and channeled messages for their highest good and the good of all. Call (808) 875-4325 today to book an akashic reading with Joy!
Brooke Howsley
Brooke HowsleyRainbow Energy Healing
Combining Rainbow Energy Healing with shamanic practices, as well as crystals, oracle card pulls and intuitive knowledge, Brooke has created a unique blend of healing modalities that is gentle yet powerful, uplifting and also deeply meaningful. Experiences living in Austin, Auckland and Maui, as well as in the fields of floral design, plant medicine ceremony, channeling and Akashic Record reading awakened Brooke to the guidance of the Spirit Realm.
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April Curry
April CurryReiki Master & Empath Coach
Lani Orr
Lani OrrMaui Serenity Healing from the Heart