Visiting a yoga studio for the first time can be intimidating. New students may worry that they won’t be able to keep up with the moves or maintain the proper form. To alleviate these concerns, here are a few ways to prepare.

How Should You Prepare for Your First Yoga Class?

1. Arrive a Few Minutes Early

Plan on arriving at the yoga studio about ten minutes before the class begins. Showing up early allows you to set up in an ideal spot to see the instructor. It also provides an opportunity to ask questions of the instructor, such as what to do if you need a break during the session or how to handle post-yoga soreness.

2. Eat Light Before Your Session

A heavy meal will make you feel bogged down and fatigued, getting in the way of your movements during the yoga session. Instead, eat a light breakfast or lunch before your class, and save the heavy foods for dinnertime.

3. Wear the Right Clothing

yoga studioThe best yoga clothing is comfortable but not loose-fitting. Oversized pants and T-shirts can make doing certain poses more difficult, so stick to form-fitting attire, like yoga pants and sports tops. As for footwear, most people prefer to do yoga barefoot.

4. Get to Know Some Beginner Poses

While your instructor will cover introductory poses and how they’re performed, you’ll feel more confident about tackling them in class if you do some research beforehand. Recognizing common poses, such as Cat-Cow Stretch or Downward Facing Dog, ensures you’ll be able to follow along with the class.

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