To eliminate the risk of drug dependency and avoid the pain of invasive procedures, many people turn to holistic medicine. Reiki, for example, is a Japanese healing technique designed to relax the body, so it can overcome stress and natural healing abilities can kick in. To determine whether reiki is right for you, below is a brief overview of what it entails and the origins.

The Origins of Reiki

Although numerous forms of reiki date back hundreds of years, the technique invented by Japanese Dr. Mikao Usui is widely used today. Born in 1865, he founded his form of holistic medicine devoid of any religious affiliation, unlike other practices. This broadened the popularity of the technique.

While studying at a monastery, he was inspired to develop reiki while gazing at the Sanskrit symbols carved in a cave on Mount Kurama and that he received intuitively during meditation. He later established a practice in Kyoto and a clinic and school in Tokyo in 1922.

How Reiki Works

Kihei-Hawaii-holistic-medicineA form of energy healing, reiki unclogs blockages in the body’s energy fields that bring on emotional distress and physical illness, similar to the goals of acupuncture treatment. Instead of placing needles in the skin, practitioners use their hands to apply light static pressure to different areas or hover over the regions to transfer energy.

Using various hand positions is meant to restore energy balance in the seven major chakras, which is a Sanskrit word for spinning wheel, or energy center. This could include cupping the eyes or placing palms on the forehead, temples, jawline, abdomen, stomach, knees, lower back, and additional areas. Practitioners use the same safety guidelines as massage therapists and will refrain from touching private and sensitive regions. All of our Reiki practitioners at 808 Wellness are also licensed massage therapists in the state of Hawaii.

Remote Healing

Since Reiki is a form of energy healing, it may be practiced remotely. This means that the Reiki practitioner and the client pick a day and time that is most beneficial to channel the healing energy from the healer to the client. As healing takes time out of time and space, this is an effective form of transferring the universal life force energy from one person to another for optimal health.Kihei-Hawaii-holistic-medicine

If you’re interested in trying holistic medicine to improve your well-being, contact 808 Wellness: Healing Spa & Maui Yoga Studio. Located in Kihei, HI, the center provides reiki, acupuncture, and massage therapy to eliminate energy blockages and repair muscle damage. Learn about their holistic medicine services online or by calling (808) 875-4325.