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FALL 2019: USUI REIKI SERIES w/ Reiki Master Teacher: Sara Schroepfer, Owner & Director of 808 Wellness Spa & Studio (Class Series $750)

LEVEL ONE | Sep 13 – 14 | 11am-4pm 

Reiki is an energetic healing technique defined as “universal life force energy”. In Level One, receive an initiation into the Reiki energy and learn the history, practices and hand placement for treating yourself and others. Participation includes Reiki manual and certification as a Reiki Practitioner.


During Reiki Level One, a student completes their basic Reiki training.  This includes the history and lineage of Usui Reiki and the Reiki Level One Attunement. Typically, the Reiki Principles, Precepts and Ideals are shared.  The student learns the hand positions for giving a Reiki treatment and instructions for a self-treatment (as well as for plants and animals).  Self-care tips are shared in addition to advice on how to set up a Reiki practice and a healing space to practice Reiki in.

The Reiki Level One attunement opens up the heart, hand and crown chakras for the Reiki energy to flow through ones system bringing transformational effects to ones inner and outer life.

Additionally, you will learn:

~ Chakra balancing & pendulum techniques
~ Energetic clearing techniques
~ How to create energetic protections that are useful to know in any treatment or life in general, especially if you are sensitive to energy or empathic.

Early Bird Sign-up Cost (by Sep 1): $200 | Regular payment $225 
Pre-registration and payment is required by Sep 11th. 


LEVEL TWO | TBD | 11 – 4PM 

Second level training is given after a student has been practicing First Degree skills for a minimum of 21 days, though this can vary somewhat depending on an individual. In Second Degree training, the student receives three of the four Sacred Reiki symbols for enhancing the level of energy transferred, and learns how to give “distance” treatments for individuals and circumstances.

Early Bird Sign-up by TBD Cost: $275 | Regular payment $300
Pre-registration and payment is required by TBD



Early Bird Sign-up by TBD Cost: $325 | Regular payment $350
Pre-registration and payment is required by TBD

Reiki Level 3A

Reiki Master Practitioner is the Reiki process for Personal Mastery. The process is presented in the manner it was presented to us beginning with the original preparations provided by Master Mikao Usui and then as passed down the Reiki lineage. The course includes the teachings, the Master Symbol (the fourth sacred symbol), the Master Attunement, and the procedure for Self Attunement.

Reiki Level 3B

This level is discussed upon the completion of Reiki Level 3A. It is the path to becoming a Reiki teacher. In the Usui Reiki lineage, this level of attunement is referred to as Master/Teacher. The attunement is transmitted in the traditional manner followed by an apprenticeship process, which is uniquely created by Sara Schroepfer.