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The 6 Keys to Unlock Your Unlimited Wealth and Abundance
Isn’t it about time you Create a Brand New “Money Love Story”?
Are you sick and tired of not having and doing what you want because you have a lack of money to do it? Wouldn’t it be so much more fun to have money play the ‘ally’ instead of the ‘villain’ in your life story? Where you Love it instead of unconsciously resisting it?
Well, in this 6-week live course you will discover what unconscious programs, beliefs, thoughts, attitudes and behaviors are holding you back, and then…
…how to unlock and unblock them all, so you can be free to live and love your new abundant life!
Week 1: What do you want? What’s stopping/blocking your financial flow, and how to let it go?
Week 2: Discover the habitual attitudes and behaviours that are keeping you stuck, and how to get out of your own way.
Week 3: Identifying your shadow money story and choosing your new relationship with Money as Your Honey.
Week 4: Envision your New Money Love Story then activate your intentions, choices, vision and values to CREATE IT!
Week 5: Remembering that you are the Giver and the Gift. Creating a Spiritual Practice with Money as your Guide and Ally.
Week 6: Condition yourself for Wealth Consciousness and Activating your New Wealth Story
Date/Time: Wednesdays | August 7th – September 11th | 1-3pm
Investment: $44/class  drop-in | $237 for 6 week series