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3 Events with Juliet Butters Doty, of Unwind the Soul!

Wellness Speaker: 1.9.19, 6:30pm, FREE!

Guided Meditation Journeys, 1.10.19, 6:30-8pm, $15

Shakti Unleashed Series: 4 classes, starting 1.16.19, $15




Drop-Ins Welcome!

Classes delivered will assist each one to deepen connection, strengthening spiritual posture within and embolden YOU to flourish into your life. The arrival of the trade winds announce the turn of a season in the Pacific, so it is, that these blustery energies are blowing through now dramatically. The Mother insists that SHE is heard, listened to. As you do, Her nuance will soften and balance out with what she yearns for, within you. It is Law. It must happen now. Earth Changes are on the brink and you all must be ready. Are you? Join Juliet Butters Doty to reconnect with the Cosmic Mother in this 4 week series!

Dates: January 16th, 23rd, 30th & February 6th

Time: 10:30 – 11:30am

Investment: $15/session

Sacred Journey: Guided Meditation

Join Juliet Butters Doty of Unwind The Soul as she leads this powerful evening. The High Frequencies that are brought through and received into the space, imbue a palpable, clear tone that is very anchoring, assisting the group to become more present with the feeling body.
Observing & tuning into the resonance, pulsation, that the merging energies are encouraging each to experience, together with focus on the Breath. Impurities melt away. The blockages clear, eliminating stresses. Noticing the breath fall into a deep stillness. One feels a resonance of Peace, and a sense of feeling a lot lighter. Leaving each present with an ability to achieve greater access and clarity to Source, to Love. the Meditations will …

-Promote a sense of well being

-Dissolve stress & stagnated, bound & repetitive energetic patterns.

-Expand & Deepen the Heart, achieving a great Stillness,

-Sharpen Focus and rekindle Power within.

-Balance and atunement for mental, spiritual, & emotional clarity.

-Promote access to our guides so that we can distinctly discern their presence and communicate clearly & successfully.

Date: 2nd Thursday of the Month – NO CLASS ON VALENTINE’S DAY!!

Time: 6:30pm – 8:00pm

Investment: $15