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808 Wellness Couples Massage Workshop

808 Wellness Couples Massage Workshop Featured in February

Receive $25 off per couple to attend either a private instructional within our healing spa OR within a group class setting at our studio. Discover new ways to connect to your partner and learn skills that you can use the rest of your life!


Make Every Friday Night Date Night!

This playful Friday night two-hour class provides couples with massage techniques to take home, enhancing their personal well-being for one another. Through connecting and establishing open, honest and clear communication, couples learn safe massage skills to bring with them for the rest of their life. Each class offers a unique theme that allows personalized attention, as couples each give and receive guided massage through the session. Each class is open and inclusive, all are welcome!

What to Expect

In this Two Hour Class Structure, the class begins with an introduction to the benefits of massage. Safety guidelines and communication standards are received and reviewed to optimize creating a fun and safe healing space. There may also be product customization, such as creating a custom essential oil blend. Class includes:

    • Demo to couples in class of how to give a massage and target specific needs
    • First partner approximately 40 minutes, fully clothed on a treatment table
    • Turnover / break 5-10 min
    • Second partner, approximately 40 minutes on treatment table
    • Closing and gift

Choose From:

    • “The Little Things” 

      This course is all about relaxing and unwinding, emphasizing massage techniques for the little parts of our bodies that can often be overlooked. Couples will learn fantastic foot & hand massage skills. Decadent face and scalp massage will have your partner relaxed and rejuvenated, accompanied with customized aromatherapy oils.

    • “Performance” / “Sport”

      Whether it’s hiking, exploring, swimming, snorkeling or surfing, there’s so much to do on Maui perfectly suited for playing outside. This course is built for active lifestyle couples to keep each other ready for the next adventure. Passive stretching and active stretching are emphasized, as couples learn recovery techniques that help boost athletic performance. Couples learn about topical solutions and salves which enhance the session and the results.

    • “Basically Relax”

      This course’s foundation is a spread of simple hand techniques, that provides couples a broader range of skills, exploring and refining the ancient practice of massage. This class emphasizes relaxation techniques, encouraging decompressing and relieving of our daily stress and tensions.

    • “Digging Deep”

      This course is all about deeper massage techniques for those stubborn knots and tight muscles. Couples learn how to effectively enhance their ability to provide deeper pressures, without compromising their own body.